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Starting in October 1930, Martin also stamped the model number just above the serial number. Notice the “1” in the “18” does somewhat look like a “2”.This confuses a lot of people who think their style 18 guitar is a style 28. On round hole martin guitars, the serial and model numbers are stamped on the neck block inside the instrument."It's extremely helpful with us being an underground club, so to speak, that we give off a vibe that you might find in a jazz club with the offerings that he provides," he added."It's the perfect volume of jazz if you want to take a date here or if you want to have a meeting on a Tuesday evening, you can still do that with the music providing a backdrop." Reichbart eventually went on to release multiple recordings of his music, including "16 Songs" and "Long Ago and Far Away," which have earned positive reviews from publications like "All Music Guide," "Just Jazz Guitar" and "Cadence." He also has produced instructional solo guitar DVDs distributed by the Hal Leonard Corp.

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And when he closes his eyes, it's not that Reichbart would rather be elsewhere - he loves the decor and design inside the bar and restaurant he describes as "old world" - he just appreciates the opportunity to play in front of many of the same faces he's seen on a regular basis since 1992.

The number can be seen by looking inside the sound hole. All f-hole Martin archtops have their serial and model numbers stamped on the inside center of the backstripe, roughly under the shadow of the bridge (and best seen from the bass side “f” hole).